Dr. Ghenadie Bulat – Inventor of the year 2015

Combustion Institute Dr Ghenadie Bulat has been named Siemens Inventor of the Year in 2015. 

Dr Ghenadie Bulat, an active member of the CIBS committee, has been honoured with the Siemens ‘Inventor of the Year’ award for 2015, for his continuing innovation in the field of gas turbine engine optimisation and control: the young engineer, who holds a PhD from Imperial College,  has already registered 47 inventions, 15 of which are protected with individual patents – in 19 patent families. The key innovations have significantly improved on the delicate balance between maintaining the flame alive, while avoiding overheating and flame out, under conditions of varying load and fuel type, with different environmental conditions. The system relies on the optimisation of system stability based on pressure and temperature sensing in these power producing units.

This was the first award such given to a combustion engineer, to one of its youngest recipients.

Well done!

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