Previous winners

This page contains the list of winners of the

Sugden Prize

for the best paper with a British Section author

2016: X. Huang , F. Restuccia , M. Gramola , G. Rein, “Experimental study of the formation and collapse of an overhang in the lateral spread of smouldering peat fires”, Combustion and Flame, vol. 168, pp. 393-402 (2016).

2015: P. G. Aleiferis and M. K. BehringerFlame front analysis of ethanol, butanol, iso-octane and gasoline in a spark-ignition engine using laser tomography and integral length scale measurements” Combustion and Flame, vol. 162, pages 4533–4552, (2015).

2014: B. Williams, M. Edwards, R. Stone, J.  Williams and P. EwartHigh precision in-cylinder gas thermometry using laser induced gratings: Quantitative measurement of evaporative cooling with gasoline/alcohol blends in a GDI optical engine” Combustion and Flame, Vol. 161, pages 270-279, (2014).

2013: R.S.M. Chrystie, I.S. Burns and C.F. Kaminski Temperature response of an acoustically-forced turbulent lean premixed flame: A quantitative experimental determinationCombustion Science and Technology, 185: 180-199 (2013).

2012: G. Dixon-Lewis, P. Marshall, B. Ruscic, A. Burcat, E. Goos, A. Cuoci, A. Frassoldati, T. Faravelli, P. GlarborgInhibition of hydrogen oxidation by HBr and Br2Combustion and Flame, 159: 528-540 (2012).

2011: N. Swaminathan, G. Xu, A. Dowling and R. Balachandran THeat release rate correlation and combustion noise in premixed flamesJournal of Fluid Mechanics, 681: 80-115 (2011).

2010: B. Williams, P. Ewart, X. Wang, R. Stone, H. Ma, H. Walmsley, R. Cracknell, R. Stevens, D. Richardson, H. Fu and S. Wallace Quantitative planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of multi-component fuel/air mixing in a firing gasoline-direct-injection engine: Effects of residual exhaust gas on quantitative PLIFCombustion and Flame, 157: 1866-1878 (2010).

2009: Derek Bradley and Gautam Kalghatgi “Influence of autoignition delay time characteristics of different fuels on pressure waves and knock in reciprocating enginesCombustion and Flame, 156: 2307-2318 (2009).

2008:G. Kalghatgi, J.C.G. Andrae and T. Brinck “HCCI experiments with toluene reference fuels modeled by a semi-detailed chemical kinetic modelCombustion and Flame, 155: 696-712 (2008).

2007: W.P. Jones and S. Navarro-Martinez “Large eddy simulation of auto-Ignition with a sub-grid PDF method“, Combustion and Flame, 150: 170-187 (2007).

2006: V R Savarianandam and C J Lawn, “Burning velocity of premixed turbulent flames in the weakly wrinkled regime Combustion and Flame, 146: 1-18 (2006).

2005: S. Navarro-Martinez, A. Kronenburg and F. Di Mare “Conditional moment closure for large eddy simulationsFlow, Turbulence and Combustion 75: 245-274 (2005).

2004: A. Kronenburg “Double conditioning of reactive scalar transport equations in turbulent nonpremixed flamesPhysics of Fluids, 16: 2640-2648 (2004).

2003: M. Balthasar and M. Kraft “A stochastic approach to calculate the particle size distribution function of soot particles in laminar premixed flamesCombustion and Flame, 133: 289-298 (2003).

2002: J.F.Griffiths and B.J.Whitaker “Thermokinetic Interactions Leading to Knock during Homogeneous Charge Compression IgnitionCombustion and Flame, 131: 386-399 (2002).

2001: K. N. C. Bray, M. Champion and P.A. Libby “Pre-mixed flames in stagnation turbulence. Part V-Evaluation of Models for the chemical source termCombustion and Flame, 127: 2023-2040 (2001).

2000: G M Abu-Orf and R S Cant “A Turbulent Reaction Rate Model for Premixed Turbulent Combustion in Spark-Ignition EnginesCombustion & Flame, 122: 233-252 (2000).

1999: K H Luo “Combustion Effects on Turbulence in a Partially Premixed Supersonic Diffusion FlameCombustion and Flame, 119: 417-435 (1999).

1998: G.M.Makhviladze, J.P. Roberts and S.E. Yakhush “Numerical Modelling of Fireballs from Vertical Releases of Fuel GasesCombustion Science and Technology, 132: 129-223 (1998).

1997: N. Syred, W. Fick, T. O’Doherty and A.J. Griffiths “The Effect of the Precessing Vortex Core on Combustion in a Swirl BurnerCombustion Science and Technology, 125: 139-157 (1997).

1996: G. Dixon-Lewis “Laminar premixed flame extinction limitsProceedings of the Royal Society A, 452: 1857-1884 (1996).

1995: K.M. Leung and R.P. Lindstedt “Detailed modelling of C1-C3 alkane diffusion flamesCombustion and Flame, 102: 129-160 (1995).

1994: D. Bradley, P.H. Gaskell and X.J. Gu “Application of a Reynolds Stress, stretched flamelet, mathematical model to computations of turbulent burning velocities and comparisons with experimentsCombustion and Flame, 96: 221-248 (1994).

1993: E. Hampartsoumian, P.L. Murdoch, M. Pourkashanian, D.T. Trangmar and A. Williams “The Reactivity of Coal Gas Chars Gasified in a Carbon Dioxide EnvironmentCombustion Science and Technology, 92: 105-121 (1993).

1992: A.S. Tomlin, M.J. Pilling, T. Turanyi, J.H. Merkin and J. Brindley “Mechanism reduction for the oscillatory oxidation of hydrogen: sensitivity and quasi-steady-state analysesCombustion and Flame, 91: 107-130 (1992).

1991: F.C. Lockwood, M. Costa and P. Costen “Detailed Measurements in a heavy fuel oil-fired furnaceCombustion Science and Technology, 77: 1-26 (1991).

1990: T.C. Chew, K. N.C. Bray, R. E. Britter “Spatially Resolved Flamelet Statistics for Reaction Rate ModellingCombustion and Flame, 80: 65-82 (1990).

1989: A. Hayhurst and H. Jones “The effect of metal additives on ionisation and soot formation in oxy-acetylene flamesCombustion and Flame, 78: 339-356 (1989).

1988: D. Baulch, J.F. Griffiths, A. Pappin, A. Sykes “Stationary states and oscillatory combustion of hydrogen in a well-stirred flow reactorCombustion and Flame, 73: 163-185 (1988).

1987: D. Bradley and Lung “Spark Ignition of the early stages of Turbulent Flame PropogationCombustion and Flame, 69: 71-93 (1987).

1986: M.V. Heitor and J.H. Whitelaw “Velocity, Temperature and species Characterisations of the flow in a Gas-turbine CombustorCombustion and Flame, 64: 1-32 (1986).

Gaydon Prize

for the best paper at the International Combustion Symposium with at least one British Section member as author


2016 36rd Symposium: Andy Aspden, “A numerical study of diffusive effects in turbulent lean premixed hydrogen flames”, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (2017) 1997–2004.

2012 34rd Symposium: Nicholas A. Worth and James R. Dawson Self-excited circumferential instabilities in a model annular gas turbine combustor: Global flame dynamicsProc Comb. Inst. 34(2): 3127-3134 (2013).

2010 33rd Symposium: D. Bradley, M. Lawes and M. Mansour Measurement of turbulent burning velocities in implosions at high pressuresProc Comb. Inst. 33(1): 1269-1275 (2011).

2008 32nd Symposium: P. Schroll, A.P. Wandel, R.S. Cant, E. Mastorakos “Direct numerical simulations of auto-ignition in turbulent two-phase flowsProc. Comb. Inst. 32(2): 2275-2282 (2009).

2006 31st Symposium: Neal Morgan, Markus Kraft, Michael Balthasar, David Wong, Michael Frenklach, Pablo Mitchell Numerical Simulations of soot aggregation in premixed laminar flamesProc Comb. Inst. 31(1): 693 – 700 (2007).

2004 30th Symposium: Sara Gashi, Johan Hult, Karl Jenkins, Nilanjan Chakraborty, Stewart Cant and Clemens Kaminski “Curvature and wrinkling of premixed flame kernels – comparisons of OH PLIF and DNS dataProc Comb. Inst. 30(1): 809-817 (2005).

2002 29th Symposium: R.P.Lindstedt and S.A.Louloudi “Joint Scalar Transported Probability Density Function Modeling of Turbulent Methanol Jet Diffusion FlamesProc Comb. Inst. 29(2): 2147-2154 (2002).

2000 28th Symposium: X.Jiang and K.H.Luo “Combustion-Induced Buoyancy Effects of an Axisymmetric Reactive PlumeProc Comb. Inst. 28(2): 1989-1995 (2000).

Hinshelwood Prize

At its meeting in January 2003, the Committee of The British Section agreed to set up an annual prize to recognise and encourage good work done by younger research workers (below the age of 35) in any branch or aspect of combustion.


2015: Dr Konstantina Vogiatzaki, University of Brighton.

2014: Dr Ben Williams, Imperial College.

2013: Dr Edward S. Richardson, University of Southampton.

2012: Dr Johannes Kiefer, University of Aberdeen.

2011: Dr Dr Alisdair Campbell, University of Surrey.

2010: Dr Salvador Navarro-Martinez, Imperial College London.

2009: Dr Guillermo Rein, University of Edinburgh

2008: Dr Dr Stuart Scott, University of Cambridge

2007: Dr Stelios Rigopoulos, University of Manchester

2006: Dr Nilanjan Chakraborty, University of Liverpool

2005: Dr Andreas Kronenburg, Imperial College

2004: Dr Clemens Kaminski, University of Cambridge

2003: Dr Gary John Sharpe, University of Leeds