IOP Meeting : Current Research in Combustion, Sheffield 19th Sept 2019

IOP Combustion Physics Group One-day meeting on Current Research in Combustion, 19th Sept 2019:  A Forum for Research Students and Early Career Researchers. The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum for contributions on current research in topics relevant to combustion physics and an opportunity to meet other researchers and industrialists. The meeting is sponsored by… Read more »

IOP Instrumentation for Combustion and Environmental Sensing (ICES) 25th June 2019

IOP Instrumentation for Combustion and Environmental Sensing (ICES) 2019 This full-day workshop aims to bring together users and developers of instrumentation for combustion and environmental monitoring. The emphasis will be on networking and seeding new and interdisciplinary collaborations. Presentations on applicable technologies and unmet measurement needs are therefore particularly welcome. All presentations should be of… Read more »

International Workshop on Clean Combustion: Principles and Applications, 25./26. September 2019

The International Workshop on “Clean Combustion: Principles and Applications” will take place in Darmstadt, Germany, from September 25- 26, 2019. Organized in the framework of the DFG Collaborative Research Centres Turbulent, Chemically Reacting Multiphase Flows Near Walls (SFB/Transregio 150) and Oxyflame (SFB/Transregio 129), on the occasion of his retirement this International Workshop is dedicated to Professor… Read more »

Combustion Aerosol Conference 2019, Cambridge 26-28th June

Combustion Aerosol Conference 2019, Focus Meeting 12 Date: 26-28th June, 2019– save the date ( more details to follow)  Combustion Aerosol Conference 2019 is a three-day meeting co-held with the Cambridge Particle Meeting, focusing on the fundamentals of particle formation; combustors and engine technology; emissions and emissions measurements; and regulation and regulated emissions. The target… Read more »

IOP Combustion and Safety Meeting 17th December 2018

The Institute of Physics Combustion Physics Group will hold a meeting on Combustion and Safety on 17th Dec 2018 Further details: Comb_Safety_17 Dec18 Venue: IOP headquarters Theatre 1 & 2 37 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9BU Registration: IOP and Combustion Institute members – £17; Non-members – £42 For additional information contact: Prof. Y. Hardalupas… Read more »