Combustion Safety (Part 1)

Date: 25th of March 2021, 4pm

Dr Francesco Restuccia (King's College): Combustion Safety: Ignition in storage conditions, from biomass to lithium-ion battery fires

This talk will focus on self-heating ignition, a main source of safety concerns in various combustion systems. The talk will cover a variety of materials including biomass, biochar, and lithium-ion batteries; The work presented covers a range of years of research that ultimately contributes to understanding and predicting the onset of accidental fires for transport and storage for a variety of reactive porous materials.

Dr Rory Hadden (Edinburgh): Combustion problems in wildfire science

Understanding the combustion processes which drive wildfires is fundamental to improving our ability to respond, prepare and recover from these events. As climate change increases the likelihood of extreme wildfire events, combustion science has a central role in tackling this threat. This talk will set out some current challenges in the wildfire space and draw parallels to conventional combustion science themes.